How to disable Cookies in the browser?

How to disable cookies in the browser?

 As you know freaks, cookies are used by website owners to track their users. Today many companies use cookies to track user activity on their websites. However almost every website uses cookies, they are not all the same, nor are there any rules governing their use.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny trackers that connect users and websites. They function as a combination of an online ID card and a digital Post-it Note, helping the website remember the user’s choices and activities.

 Often they are used only for convenient authentication, data storage, user preferences. But there are also very unscrupulous owners, and they use them for other purposes and steal, sell this data.

How Do Cookies Work?

When a user visits a website, a cookie is downloaded in their web browser (such as Google Chrome) and stored as a plain text file. Each browser stores cookies in slightly different places. When the user returns to the site, their web browser reads the file and shares the information with the domain.

There are two different types of internet cookies. Session cookies only collect details from single browsing sessions, while persistent cookies remain on the user’s device and collect login information over time.

How to disable Cookies in the browser?

 To prevent tracking your data, the
Do Not Track Me 
extension was created.  This add-on simply does not allow the site to collect cookie data about you.

 This extension has one drawback, it can conflict with many sites, such as VK, Facebook or Instagram.  Simply put, with the worst privacy violations

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